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Time-course microarrays reveal early activation of the immune transcriptome and adipokine dysregulation leads to fibrosis in visceral adipose depots during diet-induced obesity
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91 Profile icon Myung-Sook Choi Mar 01, 2014
Caspase-1 deficiency reduces intestinal and hepatic triglyceride-rich lipoprotein secretion
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24 Profile icon Guido Hooiveld Sep 15, 2013
Expression data from mouse arthritis tarsal joints
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15 Profile icon Thomas Litman Mar 01, 2015
Transcriptome profiling in Engrailed2 knockout mice reveals common molecular pathways associated with ASD.
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12 Profile icon Erik Dassi Dec 23, 2013
Gene expression profiles reveal the effect of a high-fat diet in brown fat development
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33 Profile icon Sanggyu Lee Jan 08, 2015
The effect of Nebulin-Deficiency on Skeletal Muscle
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24 Profile icon Henk L Granzier Jun 25, 2015
Gene expression pattern of pulmonary CD11c+ cells from middle-aged and young mice.
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8 Profile icon Thomas B Bair Aug 11, 2015
Gene expression data of C57BL/6, Il1a-knockout and Il1b-knockout mice at 24 hours after spinal cord injury
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12 Profile icon Steve Lacroix Jun 27, 2015
Microarray analysis of Adipose tissue of Short-term HFD-fed mice
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18 Profile icon Jae Bum Kim Feb 04, 2015
Gene Expression Analysis of PDAC tumors
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15 Profile icon Valerie LeBleu Jan 20, 2015
Reciprocal interaction of Wnt and RXR-α pathways in hepatocyte development and hepatocellular carcinoma
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11 Profile icon Jinyu Li Jan 17, 2015
Flow-induced Protein Kinase A / CREB pathway acts via BMP signaling to promote AGM hematopoiesis
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8 Profile icon Peter Geon Kim Mar 30, 2015
Retinoic acid induces Snai1 in stem cells of the preimplantation blastocyst to initiate differentiation
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6 Profile icon Francesco Neri Jan 12, 2015
Expression data from KSL and GMP cells of FLT3/ITD and FLT3/ITD-SmoM2 mice
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6 Profile icon Yiting Lim Mar 21, 2015
Dose-specific transcriptional responses in thyroid tissue in mice after 131I administration
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4 Profile icon Nils Rudqvist Jan 31, 2015
Regulation of gene expressions in vivo by anti-VEGF and anti-Notch therapy [Mouse430_2]
14 Profile icon Francesca Buffa Apr 25, 2014
Mutant IDH inhibits HNF4a to disrupt hepatocyte differentiation and promote cholangiocarcinoma.
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14 Profile icon Kenneth N Ross Apr 30, 2014
HDAC7 is a repressor of myeloid genes whose downregulation in pre-B cells is required for transdifferentiation into macrophages
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12 Profile icon Maribel Parra Mar 25, 2014
Effects of KAT2B and WDR5 depletion on hepatocyte gene expression
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10 Profile icon Kim Ravnskjaer Apr 21, 2014
Macrophage-restricted Interleukin-10 receptor-, but not IL-10 deficiency causes severe spontaneous colitis
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7 Profile icon Gilgi Friedlander May 09, 2014