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A revised airway epithelial hierarchy includes CFTR-expressing ionocytes
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325 Adam Haber Jul 30, 2018
Methylation studies in baboons.
325 Steve Horvath Aug 05, 2023
Transcriptional plasticity, priming and commitment in hematopoietic lineages [RNA-seq]
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326 Ido Amit Jun 19, 2018
Eliminating genome-wide and transcriptome-wide off-target mutations by base editor [tBE_target_genomic_seq]
326 Li Yang Mar 12, 2021
Automated High Frequency Sampling of Stem Cell Differentiation Reveals Early Stage Divergence of Human and Mouse Gene Expression Kinetics
327 Rhonda Bacher Nov 22, 2019
Single-cell multi-omics sequencing of mouse early embryos and embryonic stem cells
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329 Lin Li Jun 16, 2017
Deep scRNA sequencing reveals a universally applicable Regeneration Classifier and implicates antioxidant response in corticospinal axon regeneration
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330 Hugo Jae Mun Kim Aug 08, 2023
Novel Transcriptome Profiling Analyses Demonstrate that Selective PPARg Modulators Display Attenuated and Selective Gene Regulatory Activity in Comparison with PPARg Full Agonists
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331 Yejun Tan Jun 30, 2012
Testis expression in Mus musculus domesticus WSB/EiJ x Mus musculus musculus PWD/PhJ F2 hybrids
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331 Leslie M Turner May 01, 2014
A Simple, Inexpensive Strategy for Predicting Potential Beneficial Clinical Responses on Prostate Cancer Vaccine Therapy
331 Jeff Gildersleeve Apr 28, 2016
Spatiotemporal dynamics of molecular pathology in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
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331 Sanja Vickovic Apr 05, 2019
Immuno-genomic effects of JAK blockade
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332 CBDM Lab Jul 20, 2016
Transcriptional and Chromatin Dynamics of Muscle Regneration after Severe Trauma
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332 Darrell Orlyn Ricke Sep 26, 2017
Retinal Cell Type Epigenetic Memory Predicts Reprogramming Efficiency and Retinogenesis in 3D Organoid Cultures [ChIP-seq_Mm]
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332 Beisi Xu Jan 28, 2018
DNA methylation in neurons from post-mortem brains in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
332 Shraddha Pai May 03, 2019
A Genome-wide Gene Expression Analysis and Database in Transgenic Mice during Development of Amyloid or Tau Pathology
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333 Dervis A Salih Dec 24, 2014
Single-cell RNAseq of mouse brain tissues across 3 developmental time points
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333 Debarka Sengupta Aug 31, 2019
Deciphering the regulatory landscape of fetal and adult gd T-cell development at single-cell resolution
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333 Sagar - Jun 01, 2020
Cell Type-Specific Transcriptomics Reveals that Mutant Huntingtin Leads to Mitochondrial RNA Release and Neuronal Innate Immune Activation
333 Myriam Heiman Jul 17, 2020
Methylation studies in horses
333 Steve Horvath Nov 25, 2021