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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterMus musculus Remove filterBW Remove filterNov 05, 2023
Deletion of NuRD component Mta2 in nephron progenitor cells causes developmentally programmed FSGS [2month.ChIPseq]
  • Link icon Mus musculus
8 Jeannine M Basta Nov 05, 2023
Profiling of RNA-binding protein binding sites by in-situ reverse transcription-based sequencing
89 Yanming Chen Nov 05, 2023
A new pipeline SPICE identifies novel JUN-IKZF1 composite elements
  • Link icon Mus musculus
7 Peng Li Nov 05, 2023
Short C-terminal Musashi-1 proteins regulate pluripotency states in embryonic stem cells
24 Gufa Lin Nov 05, 2023