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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterMus musculus Remove filterCSV Remove filterNov 28, 2018
Differential requirement for centriolar satellites in cilium formation and ciliary signaling among different vertebrate cells
8 seref gul Nov 28, 2018
Rna-seq transcriptome data for 12 week pancreatic islets from Neurod1 beta cell specific (Neurod1Floxed/Floxed; RipCre+) and control (Neurod1Floxed/Floxed) mice.
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6 Anthony Romer Nov 28, 2018
Rna-seq transcriptome data for Neurod1-homozygous null and Neurod1-heterozygous null murine E17 pancreatic endocrine cells
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8 Anthony Romer Nov 28, 2018