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Diet-induced chromatin remodeling in mice livers
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20 Amy Leung Jul 17, 2014
Gender-specific post-natal demethylation and establishment of epigenetic memory
173 Howard Cedar May 03, 2015
Ten-Eleven Translocation 2 regulates adult neurogenesis through modulating 5mC oxidation dynamics at distinct regulatory elements
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14 Bing Yao Jul 03, 2017
RNA- and ChIP-seq analysis of cytokine treated islets
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3 Brad Hoffman Dec 01, 2015
N6-methyladenosine-Mediated Nuclear Export of Messenger RNA
38 Ian Roundtree Oct 12, 2017
The Elongation Factor and Histone Chaperone Spt6 Maintains ESC Pluripotency by Controlling Super-Enhancers and Counteracting Polycomb Repressive Complex 2
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32 Vittorio Sartorelli Sep 01, 2017
Transcription-associated histone pruning demarcates macroH2A chromatin domains
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18 Emily Bernstein Oct 05, 2018
Transcriptional and chromatin profiles of duodenum epithelium upon HNF4 loss in mice by RNA-seq and ChIP-seq
33 Michael P Verzi Apr 08, 2019
Hypoxia-induced priming of microglial inflammatory gene expression is associated with TLR4 signaling H3K4me3 enrichment
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28 Jyoti Watters Feb 04, 2020
Nutrient regulation of the islet epigenome controls adaptive insulin secretion
131 Matthew Wortham Feb 24, 2023
RUNX1 and CBFβ-SMMHC transactivate target genes together in abnormal myeloid progenitors for leukemogenesis
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33 Tao Zhen Oct 06, 2020
Regulation of T helper cell differentiation by the interplay between histone modification and chromatin interaction
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197 Yaqiang Cao Mar 01, 2024
STAT3 Regulates Adult Muscle Satellite Cell Maintenance During Injury-induced Muscle Regeneration
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6 Han ZHU Jul 13, 2016
Functional Interplay between Histone H2B ADP-Ribosylation and Phosphorylation Controls Adipogenesis
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32 W. Lee Kraus Aug 13, 2020
IPMK physically binds to the SWI/SNF complex and modulates BRG1 occupancy
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36 Sungwook Han May 10, 2022
Neural gene expression in Pten knock-in mice at 6-weeks of age
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18 Charis Eng Mar 12, 2015
Regulation of bifurcating B cell trajectories by mutual antagonism between IRF4 and IRF8 (RNA-Seq)
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8 Harinder Singh Aug 25, 2015
The Arcuate Estrogenome: Estrogen Response Element-dependent and -independent Signaling of ERα
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18 Troy A. Roepke Mar 01, 2017
Oncogene-Expressing senescent melanocytes upregulate MHC Class II, re-localize to the lymph nodes and activate T cells
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9 Neil A Robertson Jun 09, 2017
RNA sequencing of mouse CT26 knockout Pd-l1 cells rescued with WT or K262Q Pd-l1
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9 Chen Chu Jun 07, 2020