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Filtering of RNA-seq datasets and differences between cell types in global coordination of splicing and proportion of highly expressed genes
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Ephraim F Trakhtenberg Aug 11, 2016
Multiplexed imaging of nucleome architectures in single cells of mammalian tissue
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1 Siyuan Wang May 15, 2020
Spatial transcriptome profiling by MERFISH reveals fetal liver hematopoietic stem cell niche architecture [bulk RNA-seq]
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1 Yanfang Lu Apr 16, 2021
High throughput quantitative whole transcriptome analysis of CC10- B4+ and Krt5-CreERT2 - labeled distal lung cells
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2 Andrew Vaughan Nov 17, 2014
U2AF35(S34F) Promotes Transformation by Directing Aberrant ATG7 Pre-mRNA 3’ End Formation
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2 Michael R. Green May 01, 2016
Regulation of PERK-eIF2α Signaling by Tuberous Sclerosis Complex-1 Controls Homeostasis and Survival of Myelinating Oligodendrocytes
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2 Richard Lu Jul 22, 2016
Population transcriptional profiling of Th17 cells, isolated from the lamina propria of the large intestine from 3-6 month old IL-17GFP KI mice
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2 Nir Yosef Nov 20, 2015
Functional and molecular characterization of mouse Gata2-independent hematopoietic progenitors
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2 Elaine Dzierzak Dec 22, 2015
Transcriptional profiling of parental mouse erythroleukemia (MEL) and HMBA-resistant (MEL-R) cells
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2 Dora B Krimer Dec 31, 2016
RNA-seq experiment to identify differentially expressed genes due to the transduction of LIN28A
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2 Stefan A Muljo Jun 27, 2019
RNAseq changes in mouse skin after treatment with external light
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2 Mai-Yi Fan May 09, 2017
RNA-Seq expression profiling of mouse DEN-initiated hepatocytes with or without Tgfbr2 inactivation
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2 Jinqiang Zhang Jan 10, 2018
Pro-neuronal activity of Myod1 due to promiscuous binding [RNA-seq]
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2 Qian Yi Lee Feb 03, 2020
Long noncoding RNA SAM promotes myoblast proliferation and skeletal muscle regeneration through stabilizing Sugt1 and facilitating kinetochore assembly
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2 Jie Yuan Nov 08, 2019
Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease specific phospholipase c gamma-1 SNV by deep-learning based approach for high throughput screening
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2 Jae-Yeol Joo Jan 12, 2021
RNA-Seq profiling of C2C12 cells with exogenous expression of Mef2Da1 and Mef2Da2
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3 Marjorie Brand Jun 03, 2013
RNA-seq analysis of LPS induced RIPK1 kinase dependent gene expression changes in CD11b+ myeloid bone marrow cells
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3 Alexei Degterev Sep 25, 2016
Histone variant H3.3-mediated chromatin remodeling is essential for paternal genome activation in mouse preimplantation embryos
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3 Xiaolei Zhang Jan 05, 2018
CRISPR/Cas9/AAV9-sgRNA Mediated In Vivo Genome Editing Reveals the Indispensability of Myc During Muscle Stem Cells Activation by Remodeling the 3D Chromatin [RNA-seq(FISC-DSC)]
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3 Yingzhe Ding Oct 27, 2021
Gene expression profiling of BMMC derived-MMCs and BMMC-derived CTMCs.
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3 Yasuyuki Ohkawa Jul 28, 2022