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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterMus musculus Remove filterMTX Remove filterAug 04, 2020
Single-cell ATAC-Seq of cells recruited to regenerative portions of large skin wounds.
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1 Jeff Biernaskie Aug 04, 2020
Distinct Regulatory Programs Control the Latent Regenerative Potential of Dermal Fibroblasts during Wound Healing
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17 Jeff Biernaskie Aug 04, 2020
Single-cell transcriptomics of Hic1 lineage cells recruited during regenerative and scar-forming skin wound healing.
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16 Jeff Biernaskie Aug 04, 2020
Single-cell RNA sequencing of Cd45+ adventitial cells from mice at steady state or treated with AngiotensinII
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2 Dena Esfandyari Aug 04, 2020