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Thymic epithelial cell potency and fate in early organogenesis assessed by single cell transcriptional and functional analysis [Smart-Seq2]
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19 Catherine Clare Blackburn Jun 21, 2023
Genome wide TFIIB binding during postnatal and pressure-induced cardiac hypertrophy
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4 Danish Sayed Nov 17, 2014
Expression profiling of Aldh1l1-precursors in the developing spinal cord reveals glial lineage-specific genes and direct Sox9-Nfe2l1 interactions
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18 David Rowitch Jun 19, 2014
miRNA profiling for mouse B10+ cells and B10- B cells
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4 Jianbo Sun Oct 29, 2015
Profiling the transcriptome of murine radial glial and astrocyte precursor cells
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8 Jonathan Matthew Wilson Jun 17, 2019
Exploiting Mouse Models to Understand Female Hypersensitivity to Cocaine
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40 Richard E Mains Nov 02, 2018
Multi-species tomo-sequencing identifies new major hematopoietic stem cell regulators in the microenvironment of the embryonic aorta
27 Catherine Robin Jun 05, 2020
A bioactive mammalian disaccharide associated with autoimmunity activates a STING-TBK1-dependent immune response
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4 Nan Yan Apr 16, 2019
RNAseq analysis of lacrimal glands isolated from wild type and Aire-/- mice at 5 weeks of age
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7 Sarah Knox May 14, 2019
NelfA (Whsc2) promoter occupancy is required for active gene transcription during cardiac hypertrophy
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3 Danish Sayed May 19, 2020
A long-read RNA-seq approach to identify novel transcripts of very large genes
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3 Prech Brian Uapinyoying May 17, 2020
Proximal jejunum of ob/ob mice compared to C57BL6/J
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6 Ozren Stojanovic Aug 20, 2021
Dataset of differentially expressed genes in mouse P12 testes in response to the loss of ATRX in Sertoli cells
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6 Vincent Harley Jan 28, 2022
Long non-coding RNA ENSMUST00000197208 promotes a shift in the Th17/Treg ratio via the P2X7R-NLRP3 inflammasome axis in collagen-induced arthritis
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2 Pan Yuting Oct 11, 2022
Expression profiling of LSK cells from Bmi1 cKO mice in hematopoiesis versus LSK control cells from WT mice
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5 Lorena Arranz Oct 30, 2011
Muscleblind-Like 2 mediated alternative splicing in the developing bain by mRNA sequencing
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9 Ranjan Batra Aug 16, 2012
Protein microarray analysis of expression of murine cytokines in spleen interfered with IFN-α and (or) LPS
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12 Huayang Pan Nov 10, 2012
Profiles of cytokines in heart after β-adrenergic stimulation in different time point
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27 Hao LI Sep 09, 2015
Gene expression profiles of GPR15 knock out macrophages
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12 Bin Pan Aug 25, 2016
miRNA expression in nephron progenitors of the developing kidney
3 Jacqueline Ho Feb 01, 2017