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A negative reciprocal regulatory axis between cyclin D1 and HNF4α modulates cell cycle progression and metabolism in the liver
198 Jeffrey H Albrecht Jun 01, 2020
Age-resolved ribosome profiling and RNA-Seq data of mice liver and kidney samples
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56 Aleksandra S Anisimova Jun 01, 2020
Candida albicans sexual regulators control expression of genes important for commensal fitness [RNA-seq]
58 Suzanne M Noble Jun 01, 2020
Comparison of multiple passages of VEEV V4020 to VEEV TC-83 at 2 days after intracranial inoculation in BALB/c mice
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15 Dylan MacGregor Johnson Jun 01, 2020
Deciphering the regulatory landscape of fetal and adult gd T-cell development at single-cell resolution
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333 Sagar - Jun 01, 2020
High-throughput sequencing reveals induction of drug metabolism in various cholestatic livers
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26 Waqar Arif Jun 01, 2020
Investigating the role and mechanism of stress induced protein Sesn2 in aged-related adaptive response to cardiac ischemia reperfusion injury
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18 Ji Li Jun 01, 2020
Microglia depletion and alcohol: Transcriptome and behavioral
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18 Anna Warden Jun 01, 2020
Molecular and cellular consequences of genetic knockout of Hdac2 and Hdac3 in striatal medium spiny neurons of Huntington's disease knock-in mice
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35 Serkan Erdin Jun 01, 2020
Multi-model preclinical platform predicts clinical response of melanoma to immunotherapy
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54 Maxwell Lee Jun 01, 2020
Multi-omics analysis of hematopoietic progenitors in the fetal liver of Mettl3 deficient mice
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22 Toma Tebaldi Jun 01, 2020
Peripheral nerve resident macrophages share tissue-specific programming and features of activated microglia
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2 Jeffrey Milbrandt Jun 01, 2020
RNA metabolic rates profiling in Fragile X neurons
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10 Huan Raya Shu Jun 01, 2020
Ribosome profiling and RNA-seq of Fragile X mouse brain cortex
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16 Huan Raya Shu Jun 01, 2020
Role of human CYP2B6 in vivo in diet-induced obesity
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16 William S Baldwin Jun 01, 2020
STIM1-mediated gene expression in non-pathogenic and pathogenic CD4+ Th17 cells
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12 Stefan Feske Jun 01, 2020
Sam68 regulation of alternative splicing in the developing cerebellum
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13 Robert Weatheritt Jun 01, 2020
Sex dependent compensatory mechanisms to preserve blood pressure homeostasis in PGI2 receptor deficient mice
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52 Gregory Robert Grant Jun 01, 2020
Single cell RNA-seq activated microglia cells after irradiation (IR)
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4 Ying Sun Jun 01, 2020
Single cell profiling of total RNA using Smart-seq-total
3179 Alina Isakova Jun 01, 2020