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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterMus musculus Remove filterSRA Run Selector Remove filterFeb 12, 2019
High-fat diet exposure, regardless of the induction of obesity, is associated with altered expression of genes critical for normal ovarian function
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9 Malgorzata Skaznik-Wikiel Feb 12, 2019
BCR-ABL-mediated recruitment of STAT5 revealed by ChIPseq
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6 Hideyo Hirai Feb 12, 2019
Gene expression profiles in experimental uremic cardiomyopathy.
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10 Gregory K Tharp Feb 12, 2019
Identification of transcriptional network regulated by FGFR1 fusion kinase in stem cell leukemia and lymphoma (SCLL)
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6 John Cowell Feb 12, 2019
Gene expression profiling in mouse fibroblast tumors with overexpression of the homeoprotein SIX1
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6 Ignacio Palmero Feb 12, 2019
The 3' end processing factor PCF11 regulates gene expression based on gene size and intronic polyadenylation
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22 Bin Tian Feb 12, 2019
Gene expression analysis of WT and Stat1-/- CD4+ T cells pre and post transfer into Rag1-/- mice
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12 Scott Snapper Feb 12, 2019
Fine tuning of Sox17 and canonical Wnt coordinates the permeability properties of the blood-brain barrier
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24 Elisabetta Dejana Feb 12, 2019
Roles of HDAC1 and HDAC2 in the developing mouse brain
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6 Yunli Xie Feb 12, 2019
Impact of dietary antigen on gene expression of Peyer's patch T cells
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26 Matthias Klein Feb 12, 2019
High-resolution analysis of chromatin structure by Mnase-SSP
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14 Vijay Ramani Feb 12, 2019
Macrophage phenotype in anti-PD-L1 treated MC38 tumors
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20 Dorothee Nickles Feb 12, 2019
Natural WNT signaling variant potently synergizes with Cdkn2ab loss in skin carcinogenesis.
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7 Robin H. van der Weide Feb 12, 2019
Single-cell RNAseq data for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma tumor from KPC mice
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8 Wei Lin Feb 12, 2019
Negative regulation of lymphoid specification by the transcription factor TAL1
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24 Barbara L Kee Feb 12, 2019