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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterMus musculus Remove filterTSV Remove filterNov 05, 2023
Multimodal profiling reveals site-specific adaptation and tissue residency hallmarks of γδ T cells across organs in mice
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21 Sagar - Nov 05, 2023
Gene expression profile at single cell level of J558 allograft mouse model treated with the CDC7-specific inhibitor TAK-931 [scRNA-seq]
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2 Akihiro Ohashi Nov 05, 2023
TGF-β broadly modifies rather than specifically suppresses reactivated memory CD8 T cells in a dose-dependent manner (ATAC-Seq)
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Martin Prlic Nov 05, 2023
In situ regeneration of inner hair cells in the damaged cochlea by temporally regulated coexpression of Atoh1 and Tbx2
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2 Minhui Ren Nov 05, 2023
An integrated toolkit for the analysis of synthetic cellular barcodes in the genome and transcriptome
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88 Dane Aaron McKay Vassiliadis Nov 05, 2023