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Effect of Astragalus Polysaccharide Combined with Metformin on Liver mRNA expression profile in aging type 2 diabetic mice and functional analysis
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佳佳 刘 Dec 06, 2019
Neuronal and glial DNA methylation and gene expression changes in early epileptogenesis
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24 Magnus D. Vigeland Dec 06, 2019
6 Gy gamma-irradiation of mouse small intestinal organoids at 24h, 48h and 96h after irradiation
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24 Sander Meisner Dec 06, 2019
Small intestinal tissue 96h after 14 Gy whole body gamma-irradiation of VillinCreERT2 Hnf4a knockout mice
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16 Sander Meisner Dec 06, 2019
Compensatory Csf2-driven macrophage activation blunts long-term efficacy of therapeutic Csf1r inhibition in breast-to-brain metastasis
33 Florian Klemm Dec 06, 2019