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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterMus musculus Remove filterTXT Remove filterMar 14, 2018
Dynamics of chromatin marks and the role of JMJD3 during pancreatic endocrine cell fate commitment
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258 Cheng-ran Xu Mar 14, 2018
Transcriptional profiling reveals gene programs that are differentially regulated in cardiac fibroblasts during exercise and disease
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22 Eric Small Mar 14, 2018
A novel RNA m6A modulator Zc3h13 plays an anchor role in facilitating nuclear RNA methylation and mouse embryonic stem cell self-renewal
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34 Ruitu Lyu Mar 14, 2018
Define roles of JMJD1B in mediating histone demethylation and gene expression
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35 Juan Du Mar 14, 2018
miRNA content of extracellular vesicles released from astrocytes upon stimulation of IL-1beta and control
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Norman J Haughey Mar 14, 2018
Constitutive and Tamoxifen inducible knockout of HDAC1 and HDAC2 in Microglia
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50 Ori Staszewski Mar 14, 2018
Epigenome analysis reveals novel aspects of ILC2 activation and supports a pathogenic role in asthma
15 Ralph Stadhouders Mar 14, 2018
Retinal vein occlusion induced by laser treatment in mice
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9 Gottfried Martin Mar 14, 2018
Identification differentially expressed genes in the mouse testis caused by Prss54 deficiency
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Xuan Shang Mar 14, 2018
Nuclear Receptor NR2F6 as an Alternative Cancer Immune Checkpoint in the T Cell Compartment
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18 Dietmar Rieder Mar 14, 2018