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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterMus musculus Remove filterTXT Remove filterJan 28, 2021
mRNA transcriptome sequencing of tumor bearing lungs
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16 鹏 - 王 Jan 28, 2021
High-throughput Transcriptomic Analysis of Testosterone-Manipulated epididymis
  • Link icon Mus musculus
3 Tse-en Wang Jan 28, 2021
Analysis of expression changes between IL-33 Knock out and WT mice in skin chronic inflammation
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6 Jongho Park Jan 28, 2021
Long-term expansion using IL-7 and IL-15 increases T cell yield with preserved Tcm/Tscm properties suitable for adoptive T cell therapy
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20 Il-Kang Na Jan 28, 2021
Genome Methylation Predicts Age and Longevity of Bats
908 Steve Horvath Jan 28, 2021
INTACT vs. FANS for cell-type-specific nuclei isolation: A comprehensive qualitative and quantitative comparison
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39 Susanne Gerber Jan 28, 2021