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RNA secondary structome of different cell lines
12 Lei Sun Feb 05, 2021
A functional taxonomy of tumor suppression in oncogenic KRAS-driven lung cancer
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6 Chuan Li Feb 04, 2021
The AMBRA1 E3 ligase adaptor regulates the stability of cyclin D
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3 Chuan Li Feb 04, 2021
N-Myc overexpression leads to multiple types of acute leukemia in mice [WGS]
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13 Haitao Bai Mar 01, 2023
Diploid chromatin conformation capture (Dip-C) of single cells from the developing mouse cortex and hippocampus
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2544 Longzhi Tan Jan 07, 2021
Quantitative in vivo analyses reveal a complex pharmacogenomic landscape in lung adenocarcinoma
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13 Chuan Li Mar 05, 2021
Genetic determinants of EGFR-Driven Lung Cancer Growth and Therapeutic Response In Vivo
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6 Chuan Li Feb 01, 2021
Mutational synergy coordinately remodels chromatin accessibility, enhancer landscape and 3-Dimensional DNA topology to alter gene expression during leukemia induction (pCHiC)
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10 Haiyang Yun Jun 01, 2021
CRISPR-TRAPSeq identifies the QKI RNA binding protein as important for astrocytic maturation and control of thalamocortical synapses (CLIP-Seq dataset)
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11 Joseph D Dougherty Jan 21, 2021
BRCA1 mutational complementation induces synthetic viability
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4 Wei Wu Mar 24, 2020
ERa-binding super enhancers drive key mediators that convey uterine hormone responses
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4 Sylvia C Hewitt Apr 29, 2020
Self-reporting transposons enable simultaneous readout of gene expression and transcription factor binding in single cells
27 Robi D Mitra Jul 23, 2020
Ythdf m6A readers compensate each other in a context dependent manner [Ribo-seq]
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12 Noa Novershtern Jun 04, 2020
Kinetics of chromatin structures during hepatic conversion [Hi-C]
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10 Lijian Hui Apr 17, 2023
Refine regulatory elements across the genome
6 Qing Li Apr 20, 2023
Lupus milieu favors the conversion of self-reactive CD8 T cells to IL-17 producing double negative T cells
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3 George C Tsokos Apr 24, 2020
Postnatal cecal and cecal content luminal miRNA signatures in C57BL/6-VAF/Elite® mice
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48 Elena Comelli Jul 08, 2023
Therapeutic decoupling of MHC-I and PD-L1 expression increases the efficacy of immune checkpoint blockade (CRISPR_Screen)
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20 Shengqing Gu Jul 01, 2020
Functional genomic landscape of cancer-intrinsic immune evasion to cytotoxic T lymphocyte killing [CRISPR screen]
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175 Jason Moffat Jul 31, 2020
The kinetic landscape of an RNA binding protein in cells
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16 Deepak Sharma Dec 16, 2020