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Prolong elevation of prolactin and sex-depnendt regulation of pain chronicity
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8 YI ZOU Feb 27, 2024
Masseter muscle treatment with complete Freund's adjuvant or collagenase type 2
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YI ZOU Jan 02, 2024
Translation Regulation of the Prolactin Receptor Defines Sexually Dimorphic Pain Responses to Prolactin
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30 YI ZOU Nov 17, 2023
Astrocyte-Derived Estrogen Regulates Reactive Astrogliosis and is Neuroprotective Following Ischemic Brain Injury
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4 YI ZOU Jul 13, 2023
Differential LncRNA/mRNA expression profiling and functional network analyses in BMP2 deletion of mouse dental papilla cells
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8 YI ZOU Jan 12, 2022
The miR-182-5p/FGF21/acetylcholine axis mediates the crosstalk between adipocytes and macrophages to promote beige fat thermogenesis
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6 YI ZOU Oct 13, 2021
L3-L5, T10-L1 dorsal root, nodose and trigeminal sensory neuron-selective gene expression
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16 YI ZOU Sep 15, 2021
TRIM21 knockout mouse livers show enhanced antioxidant capacity and decreased compensatory proliferation
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12 YI ZOU Apr 14, 2021
DRG (dorsal root ganglia) and TG (trigeminal ganglia) fractions enriched with sensory neurons
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12 YI ZOU Mar 19, 2021
DRG (dorsal root ganglia) sensory neurons innervating paw and thigh muscle
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8 YI ZOU Mar 19, 2021
Neuron-Derived Estrogen is Critical for Astrocyte Activation and Neuroprotection of the Ischemic Brain
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4 YI ZOU Oct 13, 2020
TGF-b and Eomesodermin coordinate to maintain CD8+ regulatory T cells and limit spontaneous germinal center reaction
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2 YI ZOU Sep 17, 2020