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Microarray analysis of rat pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells before or after exposure to S-nitrosoglutathione (GSNO)
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8 Andrea U Steinbicker Jun 01, 2010
Expression profiling in dopaminergic brain structures of rats self-administering cocaine
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12 Doulaye Dembele Jan 21, 2010
Complementary proteomics and transcriptomics sheds light on drug detoxifying proteins of the endoplasmic reticulum
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4 Paul C Boutros Nov 24, 2009
Dioxin lethality: aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR)-mediated gene expression in a rat resistant model
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40 Paul C Boutros Nov 24, 2009
mRNA Levels in the Rat Liver Display Strain-Specific, Hereditary and AHR-Dependent Components
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20 Paul C Boutros Nov 24, 2009
Transcriptional gene profile of peripheral blood derived mesenchymal stromal cells from GFP transgenic rat
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6 Qiling He Apr 26, 2009
Gene expression profiling under low dose and short incubation time of cadmium in primary rat hepatocyte in culture
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8 Profile icon Susan R Stapleton Feb 25, 2009
Cluster analysis of rat pancreatic islet gene mRNA levels after culture in low, intermediate and high [glucose]
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16 Profile icon Jean-Christophe Jonas Jan 26, 2009
Comparison of gene expression in conventional and germ-free intestine
103 James Holzwarth May 19, 2008
Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis following feeding of high polyunsaturated fat diets
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6 Profile icon Kartik Shankar May 19, 2008
Genome-wide effects of acute progressive feed restriction in liver and white adipose tissue
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26 Paul C Boutros Mar 01, 2008
In vivo administration of Gamendazole and Lonidamine
10 Profile icon Joseph S Tash Jan 24, 2008
24 h-fasting effects on the brown and white adipose tissue and liver
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24 Profile icon Yuji Nakai Jan 09, 2008
Gene expression in a resistance artery in 2 models of hypertension in the rat
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9 Profile icon Stephen John Ohms Nov 28, 2007
Expression data from adult rat testes treated with 3 mg/kg b.w. cadmium chloride via i.p.
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7 Profile icon C YAN CHENG Nov 07, 2007
Development of Progressive Aortic Vasculopathy in a Rat Model of Aging
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16 Profile icon Steven J Miller Oct 29, 2007
Making a predictive heart failure expression profile in Ren2 rat left ventricles
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14 Profile icon Arie van Erk Oct 05, 2007
Expression data from rat uterine myometrium -effect of estrogen
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4 Profile icon Dora Agbas Sep 21, 2007
Acute Gene Induction by Tienilic Acid in the Male Sprague Dawley Rat: Possible Role for Danger
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6 Profile icon Paul C Boutros Jun 23, 2007
Gene expression of organ of Corti (OC), modiolus (MOD) and stria vascularis (SV) of newborn rats
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16 Johann Gross May 31, 2007