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Single cell RNA-seq of forebrain cells isolated from wild-type mouse, rat, and chimeric mouse
5 Fan Guo Feb 25, 2024
Gene expression profie at single cell level of lung cells in healthy rats and rats with pulmonary hypertension treated with sham-stimulation or ultrasound
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4 Stefanos Zafeiropoulos Dec 01, 2023
Spatial Gene Expression in the Adult Rat Patellar Tendon
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2 Michael J. Mienaltowski Nov 29, 2023
Transcription factor NFYa controls cardiomyocyte metabolism and proliferation during fetal heart development
12 Miao Cui Oct 13, 2023
Opiate responses are controlled by interactions of Oprm1 and Fgf12 loci in the murine BXD family: Correspondence to human GWAS findings
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2 Francesca Telese Sep 27, 2023
Single-cell RNA-seq of heart from mouse-rat chimeric embryos
3 Asier Ullate-Agote Sep 20, 2023
Chronic developmental hypoxia alters rat lung immune cell transcriptomes during allergic airway inflammation
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12 Michelle Chu Feb 01, 2023
Single-Cell Transcriptomic Atlas of Penile Corpus Cavernosum Aging
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24 qi wei Liu Dec 07, 2022
Assessment of Spatial Genomics for Oncology Discovery
29 Anna Lyubetskaya Nov 01, 2022
Single-nucleus chromatin accessibility and RNA-seq reveal impaired brain development in prenatal e-cigarette exposed neonatal rats
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8 Charles Wang Jun 20, 2022
Glucocorticoid receptor-regulated enhancers play a central role in the gene regulatory networks underlying drug addiction
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36 Christopher Benner May 11, 2022
scRNAseq analysis of rat and human dorsal root ganglions
8 Oshri Avraham Apr 14, 2022
Mechanotherapy promotes extracellular matrix remodeling in aged rat muscle recovering from disuse by reprogramming intercellular communication
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6 Yuan Wen Mar 31, 2022
AP-1 activation mediates postnatal cardiomyocyte maturation
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8 Hongjie Zhang Dec 01, 2021
Time-restricted feeding prevents deleterious metabolic effects of circadian disruption through epigenetic control of β-cell function
62 Matthew R Brown Nov 24, 2021
Neuroinflammatory astrocyte subtypes in the mouse brain
71 Philip Hasel Jun 03, 2021
CASB: A concanavalin A-based sample barcoding strategy for single-cell sequencing
197 Guipeng Li Mar 09, 2021
CASB: A concanavalin A-based sample barcoding strategy for single-cell sequencing [scRNA-seq]
2 Guipeng Li Mar 09, 2021
Dynamic transcriptional responses to injury of regenerative and non-regenerative cardiomyocytes revealed by single-nucleus RNA sequencing
18 Zhaoning Wang Mar 18, 2020