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Comparative analysis of genome-scale, base-resolution DNA methylation profiles across 580 animal species
3023 Christoph Bock Jun 18, 2022
Comparative transcriptomics reveals circadian and pluripotency networks as two pillars of longevity regulation
522 jinlong lu May 18, 2022
Comparison of transcriptomic profiles in natural populations of rodents (house mouse and black rat) along invasion routes in Senegal
32 Maxime Galan Apr 09, 2021
Neuronal cell lines as model dorsal root ganglion neurons: a transcriptomic comparison
4 Kathleen Yin May 01, 2016
Postnatal development of Cardiomyocyte
115 Li Wang May 29, 2022
RNA-seq analysis of diploid and tetraploid neonatal rat cardiomyocytes
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8 Yun-Han Jiang Mar 23, 2021
RNA-seq of colonic epithelium of WKY and SHR
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8 tao yang May 04, 2019
RRBS of colonic epithelium of WKY and SHR
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6 tao yang May 04, 2019
Re-establishment of spermatogenesis after more than 20 years of cryopreservation of rat spermatogonial stem cells reveals an important impact in differentiation capacity
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56 Eoin Christopher Whelan Mar 15, 2022
Reassessing the abundance of miRNAs in the human pancreas and rodent cell lines and its implication
20 Guihua Sun Oct 08, 2022
Transcriptomic analysis of DJ-1 knockout rat brains using RNA-Seq
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14 Mark R Cookson Sep 11, 2017