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Characterisation of mRNA and microRNA in human mast cell exosomes and their transfer to other mast cells and blood CD34 progenitor cells
11 Karin Ekström Apr 16, 2012
Defining a molecular roadmap of cellular reprogramming into iPS cells
61 Ben S. Wittner Dec 20, 2012
Deregulation of microRNAs by HIV-1 Vpr protein leads to the development of neurocognitive disorders.
28 Bassel E Sawaya Feb 12, 2013
Effect of cigarette smoke extract, cisplatin, nicotine and/or ionizing radiation on mRNA and microRNA expression in the NCI-H460 human lung large cell carcinoma cell line
112 Santosh Kumar Patnaik Dec 31, 2014
Functional evidence that Drosha over-expression in cervical squamous cell carcinoma affects cell phenotype and microRNA profiles
24 Matthew Jonathan Murray May 26, 2011
Gene-chip studies of adipogenesis-regulated microRNAs in mouse primary adipocytes and human obesity
45 Profile icon Iain Gallagher Jun 10, 2011
HCMV infection of human neural precursor cells
5 Saleena Ghanny Jul 22, 2012
HIV-1 Tat protein promotes neuronal dysfunction through disruption of microRNAs.
32 Bassel E Sawaya Feb 12, 2013
Human Cytomegalovirus in Glioblastoma Stemness--Results from Human, Mouse and HCMV DNA arrays
14 Saleena Ghanny Aug 13, 2015
Integrative Survival-Based Molecular Profiling of Human Pancreatic Cancer
96 Linh My Tran Oct 08, 2011
Involvement of miRNAs in the Differentiation of Human Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Tumor Stem-Like Cells
23 Raquel Malumbres Mar 05, 2013
Malignant Germ Cell Tumors Display Common microRNA Profiles Resulting in Global Changes in Expression of mRNA Targets
94 Matthew Jonathan Murray Mar 15, 2010
Performance Evaluation of Commercial miRNA Expression Array Platforms
28 Sachin Sah Mar 18, 2010
STAR RNA-binding protein, Quaking, suppresses cancer via regulation of microRNA
48 Hailei Zhang Dec 30, 2009
Snail-dependent epithelial splicing regulatory protein 1 (ESRP1) silencing drives malignant transformation of human pulmonary epithelial cells
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Linh My Tran Dec 16, 2017
Specific MicroRNAs Are Preferentially Expressed by Skin Stem Cells To Balance Self-Renewal and Early Lineage Commitment
24 liang zhang Jan 04, 2011