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MicroRNA array studies in Hirschsprung disease
10 Yang Wang May 02, 2024
Replication-competent HIV-1 gRNA Constructs for CRISPR/Cas9-based Discovery of Antiviral Factors
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49 Konstantin MJ Sparrer Apr 15, 2024
Aging aggravates aortic aneurysm and dissection via the miR-1204-MYLK signaling axis
12 Jingsong Ou Apr 02, 2024
Viral RNA-sequencing for the detection of the viruses replicating in humanized mice
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17 Kei Sato Nov 27, 2023
Increased pro-inflammatory phenotype of peripheral blood monocytes and monocyte-derived macrophages among patients with excessive ethanol intake
22 Juan Luis Garcia Oct 04, 2023
Anti-HIV-1 CAR-T cells armed with autogenic broadly neutralizing antibody and follicle-homing receptor CXCR5 ar effective against different HIV-1 clades and reduce viral reservoir in HIV-1-infected individuals
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26 Zhu YouWei Dec 08, 2022
MiRNAs array after SH3BP2 silencing in Gastrointestinal stromal tumor cells
12 Margarita Martin Sep 23, 2022
Viral Mimicry by Endogenous Y-RNAs Contributes to Antiviral Immunity [HIV]
24 Rachel Legendre Apr 29, 2022
Viral Mimicry by Endogenous Y-RNAs Contributes to Antiviral Immunity
114 Rachel Legendre Apr 29, 2022
Esrrb Regulates Specific Feed-Forward Loops to Transit from Pluripotency into Early Stages of Differentiation
12 Ana Sevilla Mar 21, 2022
MicroRNAs profile in Human Circulating CD4+ T Cells in Patients with Atherosclerosis Obliterans:Healthy persons vs. patients
14 Siwen Wang Feb 15, 2022
Functional and Structural Segregation of Overlapping Helices in HIV-1
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76 Jason Fernandes Jul 15, 2021
Epitranscriptomic addition of m6A regulates HIV-1 RNA stability and alternative splicing
3 Kevin Tsai Jun 21, 2021
Expression analysis of microRNAs in INT-HA-induced M2-like macrophages and untreated macrophages (M0)
6 boke zhang Feb 08, 2021
Differentially expressed microRNAs in the mouse liver with T3 treatment
1 Dandan Zhang Nov 30, 2020
The difference of microRNA profiles among control, normal high density lipoprotein-treated and proflammatory high density lipoprotein-treated endothelial cells
3 Jingsong Ou Aug 31, 2020
Complementation can maintain a quasispecies of drug sensitive and resistant HIV
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207 Alex Sigal May 13, 2020
HIV-1 RNA structure and heterogeneity analysis
23 Silvi Rouskin Jan 14, 2020
miRNA profile in the hippocampus of APP/PS1 transgenic mice
6 XIAOLEI ZHU Oct 04, 2019
Comparison of microRNA expression profiles in soft palate muscle of patients with OSAHS and chronic tonsillitis.
8 Jin Hou Sep 25, 2019