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Differential effects of nitrogen addition on soil organic carbon decomposition correlate with changes in microbial C-degradation functional potentials in a Pinus tabulaeformis forest
16 jingjing li Mar 01, 2022
Monthly dynamics of microbial functional diversity and composition in a tall-grass prairie, 2012
96 Jiesi Lei Feb 10, 2022
Enhanced metabolic potentials and functional gene interactions of microbial stress response towards high elevation in freshwater lakes
24 Huabing Li Feb 03, 2021
soil mcirobial functional communities
15 fan wu Dec 31, 2020
Climate warming and nutrient enrichment jointly affect microbial functional potentials important to nutrient cycling in shallow-lake mesocosms
16 Lijuan Ren Dec 30, 2020
Survey functional genes in Arctic marine sediment communities
2 Brandon T Hassett Jul 14, 2020
Endophytic and rhizophytic prokaryotic communities in S. alterniflora and petroleum degradation
24 Claudia Gunsch Apr 10, 2020
Effect of biogas slurry combined with biochar on soil microbial function gene
15 Feng-Jie Jin Mar 30, 2020
Gene expression-based, through the hybridization of microbial DNA onto the designed probes on microarrys, i.e., GeoChip
79 Qun Gao Jun 18, 2019
Functional gene abundance of tundra soil microbial communities sampled at the EML Thaw Gradient site, AK in May 2004
107 Jizhong Zhou Jun 03, 2019
Profiles of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) and virulence genes (VGs) and their temporal interactions in OD and MBR
48 Bing Zhang Dec 19, 2018
Antagonistic interactive effects of CO2 and nitrogen on microbial community enhance the persistence of soil C storage
296 Qun Gao May 01, 2018
Effect of land use and soil organic matter quality on the structure and function of microbial communities in pastoral soils: implications for disease suppression
50 Paul Maclean Mar 30, 2018
The microbial taxonomic and functional compositions in three broadleaved forests in temperate and subtropical zones
30 yang sihang Jan 10, 2017
The Microbial Gene Diversity along time and space of the wastewater treatment plant
48 Tengxu Wang Dec 29, 2016
The microbial functional diversity in response to warming incubation at Alaska as characterized by GeoChip
30 yang sihang Nov 09, 2016
Study of microbial functional structure in Xiangjiang River sediment
9 Shiqi Jie Aug 02, 2016
Comparison of overall functional gene structures of a membrane bioreactor (MBR) and an oxidation ditch (OD) running parallelly at full-scale
24 Yu Xia Mar 01, 2016
Functional gene diversity of microbial communities sampled in 2010 in CiPHER site, Aklaska
12 Jizhong Zhou Feb 22, 2016
Microbial and Functional Diversity within the Phyllosphere of Espeletia sp. in Andean High Mountain Ecosystems
16 Carlos Alexander Ruiz Perez Jul 09, 2015