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Costs of reproduction and their effect on age-related gene expression in Bombus terrestris queens
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70 David C. Prince Jun 06, 2023
Genome-wide identification of accessible chromatin regions in bumblebee by ATAC-seq
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8 Xiaomeng Zhao Oct 02, 2020
Neurogenomic  signatures of successes and failures in core life-history transitions in a key insect pollinator
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33 Fabio Manfredini Oct 27, 2017
A MicroRNA Associated With Caste Determination in a Bumblebee is Expressed from a Mirtron Within a Homologue of Vitellogenin
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8 Matthew Beckers Mar 31, 2017
Conservation and modification of genetic and physiological toolkits underpinning diapause in bumble bee queens
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25 Etya Amsalem Oct 01, 2015
MiRNAs in the genomes of Bombus terrestris and Bombus impatiens
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8 Matthew Beckers Mar 06, 2015
Gene expression differences underlying genotype-by-genotype specificity in a host-parasite system
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16 Seth Barribeau Apr 28, 2014