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Community composition of ammonia-oxidizing archaea from surface and anoxic depths of oceanic oxygen minimum zones
23 Xuefeng Peng Jun 20, 2013
In situ synthesis of peptide microarrays - shadow mask design [2]
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Phillip Stafford Jan 16, 2014
Community composition of bacteria involved in fixed nitrogen loss in the water column of two major oxygen minimum zones in the ocean
25 Xuefeng Peng Sep 12, 2013
Highly parallel identification of sequence preferences for eukaryotic C2H2 zinc finger domains using a bacterial 1-hybrid assay
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403 Hamed S Najafabadi Feb 17, 2015
Profiling of in vitro differentiated activated T helper cells
20 Johannes Beckers Jun 06, 2017
Sperm miRNA from bulls consuming toxic and non-toxic tall fescue seed
7 Scott L Pratt Dec 10, 2014
A cross-comparison of technologies for the detection of microRNAs from FFPE samples of hepatoblastoma patients [microarray]
6 Aniruddha Chatterjee May 03, 2015
Unraveling determinants of transcription factor binding outside the core binding site
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4 Michal Levo Mar 04, 2015
Functional Antagonism Between CELF and Mbnl Proteins in Cytoplasm and Nucleus [RNA Bind-N-Seq]
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7 Eric T Wang Apr 13, 2015
The menu of features that define primary microRNAs and enable de novo design of microRNA genes
22 Wenwen Fang Sep 24, 2015
The prognostic significance of the dynamic changes of miRNA expression in locally advanced BC during neo-adjuvant chemotherapy treatment
66 Manal Humaid Al Khanbashi Oct 31, 2015
Expression data from cardiac stem cells (CSCs) with or without MSC-exosomes treatment
6 Junjie Yang Oct 01, 2015
miRNA analysis in myofibroblats derived from normal stomach, both antrum (A) and corpus (C) separately and gastric cancers
49 Liyi Wang Feb 01, 2016
miRNA analysis in myofibroblasts derived from normal oesophagus and esophageal cancers
22 Liyi Wang Feb 01, 2016
Genome-wide microRNA expression profiling in tunicamycin treated NIH3T3 cells
12 John Alan Diehl Mar 22, 2016
microRNA expression profiling in HPV-16/HIV associated Cervical Cancer
12 Radhakrishna Madhavan Pillai Aug 01, 2018
Expression of miRNA from lung tissue from Systemic Sclerosis patients with interstitial lung disease (SSc-ILD) and healthy controls.
20 Romy B Christmann Aug 01, 2016
Expression data from Sertoli cells treated with 0.1μM NP, 0.1mM MBP, 0.1μM NP+0.1mM MBP and solvent control
8 Xiaoqin Yin Jun 09, 2016
Expression data from 9-day-old rat Sertoli cells and MBP-treated rat Sertoli cells
12 Xiaoqin Yin Jun 09, 2016
miRNA Expression data from murine hearts of transgenic Clock delta 19/delta 19 mice (Clock mice) and wild type (WT) mice at 4 and 21 months of age
12 Faisal James Alibhai Jan 01, 2017