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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterArabidopsis thaliana Remove filterOct 22, 2019
Differential gene expression at shoot apices between Wild Type and vip3-1-null allele
  • Link icon Arabidopsis thaliana
6 Christophe TREHIN Oct 22, 2019
Prevalent cytidylation and uridylation of precursor miRNAs in Arabidopsis
  • Link icon Arabidopsis thaliana
63 Jianbo Song Oct 22, 2019
Transcriptome-wide analysis of wounded region gene expression using detached first-pair rosette leaves before culture (time 0) and 2 day after culture (DAC) from 12-day-old Col-0 seedlings
  • Link icon Arabidopsis thaliana
4 Lin XU Oct 22, 2019