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Genome-wide transcriptome analyses of developing seeds from low and normal phytic acid soybean lines
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30 M.A. Saghai Maroof Jan 15, 2016
RNA-sequencing of GmPHD6 over-expression and RNAi transgenic hairy roots and the control samples of K599
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6 Wei Wei Feb 13, 2018
Diversification of Root Hair Development Genes in Vascular Plants
30 John Schiefelbein May 11, 2017
RNA-sequencing of GmWRKY54 over-expression and null plants
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16 Wei Wei May 31, 2018
Inference of transcription regulatory network in low phytic acid soybean seeds
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60 M.A. Saghai Maroof Jan 12, 2018
Transcriptomic study of soybean (Glycine max) leaves in response to short-term phosphorus deficiency
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4 Houqing Zeng Dec 25, 2018
Transcriptomic study of soybean (Glycine max) in response to zinc deficiency
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8 Houqing Zeng Mar 30, 2019
Global transcriptome analysis of resistant and susceptible soybean lines following Sclerotinia sclerotiorum infection
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24 Mehdi Kabbage Nov 19, 2018
Identification of Exosome-Like Nanoparticle Derived MicroRNAs from Eleven Edible Plants
11 Juan Xiao Jun 25, 2018
Genome wide transcriptome analysis reveals complex regulatory mechanisms underlying phosphate homeostasis in soybean nodules
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6 ying bin xue Nov 20, 2018
Peroxidase plays important roles in soybean tolerance to Al toxicity
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12 Ge Ju Liu Dec 30, 2021
Network Landscape of Photothermal Flowering in Soybean.
1003 Yoshie Hanzawa Jul 25, 2021
Williams RNA-Seq Samples from Various Organ and Developmental Stages
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12 Lila O. Vodkin Sep 03, 2019
An embryo lethal transgenic line manifests global expression changes and elevated protein/oil ratios in heterozygous soybean plants
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26 Lila O. Vodkin Jun 10, 2020
Genome-Wide transcriptional profiling elucidating the effects of Brassinosteroid in Glycine max during early vegetative development
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15 Qiuming Yao Jul 10, 2019
A Transcriptional Regulatory Network of Rsv3-mediated Extreme Resistance Against Soybean Mosaic Virus
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20 M.A. Saghai Maroof Mar 31, 2020
Overexpression of an ethylene-forming ACC Oxidase (ACO) gene precedes the Minute Hilum seed coat phenotype in Glycine max
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20 Lila O. Vodkin Oct 16, 2020
tRNA-seq and YAMAT-seq profiling the expressions of tRNA-derived fragments and tRNAs in plants
13 Xuan Ma Jan 01, 2021
Genome-wide Identification and Analysis of Long non-coding RNAs Involved in Fatty acid Biosynthesis in Young Soybean pods
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12 Dan Yao Apr 13, 2021
Sequencing of siRNA from soybean containing silencing vectors and empty vectors
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6 Mehdi Kabbage Jul 21, 2021