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Network Landscape of Photothermal Flowering in Soybean.
1003 Yoshie Hanzawa Jul 25, 2021
Transcriptional and proteomic analyses of different herbivore-induced responses in a wild soybean line ED059 and a cultivar Tianlong 2
4 xiaoyi wang May 01, 2016
Identification of wild soybean miRNAs and their target genes responsive to aluminum stress
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4 Hai Nian May 25, 2012
Transcriptome analysis of photoperiodic flowering in soybean.
189 Yoshie Hanzawa Jul 21, 2017
Characterizing seed weight related genes through transcriptome analyses of wild and cultivated soybeans
13 Dong Wang Jun 13, 2017
RNA-Seq Study Reveals Genetic Responses of Diverse Wild Soybean Accessions to Increased Ozone Levels
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95 Nathan Waldeck Jul 21, 2017