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The mid-developmental transition and the evolution of animal body plans
1143 Itai Yanai Feb 18, 2016
Transcriptome of the demosponge Amphimedon queenslandica at life cycle transitions
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11 Cecilia Conaco Jul 10, 2012
The Early Origins and Evolution of microRNAs and piRNAs in Animals
17 andrew grimson Oct 01, 2008
Early metazoan cell type diversity and the evolution of multicellular gene regulation
10 Arnau Sebe-Pedros Jul 05, 2018
Convergent evolution of a vertebrate-like methylome in a marine sponge
36 Alex de Mendoza Aug 02, 2019
Interdependent photo- and chemosensory systems regulate larval settlement in a marine sponge
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43 Tahsha Say Oct 09, 2019
Amphimedon queenslandica high resolution developmental transcriptomic time-course
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124 Itai Yanai Feb 18, 2016
Ribosomal RNA-depletion provides an efficient method for successful dual RNA-Seq expression profiling of a marine sponge holobiont
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6 Xue Yan Xiang Jun 06, 2022
A high-resolution Amphimedon queenslandica transriptomic timecourse
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59 Itai Yanai Jan 24, 2014
Landscape of histone modifications in a sponge reveals the origin of animal cis-regulatory complexity
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20 Federico Gaiti Mar 31, 2017