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Responses of Zea mays root tissue to inoculation with the necrotrophic root pathogen Phytophthora cinnamomi
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12 Jane Allardyce Mar 02, 2011
Genome-wide characterization of maize small RNA loci and their regulation in the required to maintain repression6-1 (rmr6-1) mutant and long-term abiotic stresses
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50 Michael J Axtell Jan 20, 2016
Reference annotation for small RNA-producing genes in maize
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10 Michael J Axtell Feb 09, 2016
Determining and validating of chilling responsive microRNAs associated with leaf growth of hybrid maize (Zea mays L.) ADA313
18 Fatma Aydinoglu Feb 01, 2021
Maize cytolines provide key nuclear genes that are under the control of retrograde signaling pathways in plants
9 Ovidiu Balacescu Oct 17, 2015
Cytolines as models to study the impact of different cytoplasms on gene expression under heat stress conditions
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24 Ovidiu Balacescu Apr 09, 2021
Evaluation of commercially available small RNA methods for plant samples
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96 Patricia Baldrich Aug 01, 2021
Phenotypic and molecular characterisation of a novel Bt2 allele in maize
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4 sandrine balzergue Jul 01, 2007
Downregulation of cinnamoyl-coenzyme A reductase in maize (affy_ccr_maize)
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4 sandrine balzergue Jul 22, 2009
affy_tj_maize-Understanding the Diversity of Maize Cell Wall
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4 sandrine balzergue Jun 01, 2011
affy_en_maize-Understanding the Diversity of Maize Cell Wall
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4 sandrine balzergue Jun 01, 2011
affy_zeawall_ril_maize - Expression studies in 5 early maize RIL with contracted allelic patterns at major QTL posititions
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20 sandrine balzergue Jun 17, 2012
Effects of Maize Organ-specific Drought Stress Response on Yields from Transcriptome Analysis
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12 wang baomei Jun 04, 2019
ZmNF-YB16-YC17-YA1 complex participates in the regulation of plant growth and drought resistance in maize
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24 wang baomei Sep 21, 2019
RNA-Seq mapping enabled quantitative analysis of gene expression differences between WT and rbm48 mutants in Zea mays (Maize).
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16 William Bradley Barbazuk Jan 01, 2019
Small RNA sequencing in maize hybrids and inbreds
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12 Wesley T Barber May 26, 2012
Intraspecific variation of recombination rate in maize
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2290 Eva Bauer Sep 05, 2013
The naked endosperm genes encode duplicate ID domain transcription factors required for maize endosperm differentiation
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12 Philip W Becraft Jan 28, 2015
Identification of stress response and recovery mechanisms by multi-scale analyses of drought effect in the maize leaf growth zone.
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36 Gerrit TS Beemster Aug 28, 2015
Gene expression analysis of the effect of UV-B radiation in the growth zone of the maize leaf
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15 Gerrit T.S. Beemster May 18, 2017