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Metabolism of plant stem cells under low oxygen tension: metabolic reprogramming by phytoglobin (Pgb1) underlying stem cell functionality
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Claudio Stasolla May 27, 2024
A pan-grass transcriptome reveals patterns of cellular divergence in crops
22 Bruno Guillotin Feb 27, 2023
The establishment of the anther somatic niche with single cell sequencing
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D. Blaine Marchant Jan 01, 2023
Low red to far-red light environments alter nitrogen assimilation in corn (Zea mays)
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9 Clarence Swanton Sep 27, 2022
RNA-seq of whole maize seedlings
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4 Brad Nelms Jan 27, 2022
RIP-Seq analysis of non-PPR editing factors OZ1, ORRM1, RIP9/MORF9
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11 Michael Lloyd Hayes Dec 31, 2021
Identification of temporal regulatory modules associated with proliferation and differentiation in early maize endosperm development
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18 Ramin Yadegari Dec 30, 2021
Allele-specific RNA-seq of single pollen precursors
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638 Brad Nelms Oct 26, 2021
High-Throughput Single cell RNA sequencing of Mesophyll cells from Maize
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1 tao shen tong Oct 07, 2021
Beyond the protoplast: isolating and analyzing fixed cells for plant single-cell research
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303 D. Blaine Marchant Sep 07, 2021
Direct and indirect transcriptional effects of abiotic stress in Zea mays plants defective in RNA-directed DNA methylation
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12 Thelma F Madzima Jul 08, 2021
Ground tissue circuitry regulates organ complexity in monocot roots [roottissues]
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24 Kenneth David Birnbaum Jul 01, 2021
Ground tissue circuitry regulates organ complexity in monocot roots [root meristem scRNA-seq]
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9 Kenneth David Birnbaum Jul 01, 2021
Transcriptome and oxylipin profiling joint analysis reveals the opposite roles of 9-oxylipins and jasmonic acid in maize resistance to Gibberella stalk rot
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18 wang yinying May 17, 2021
Comparative transcriptome analysis reveals conserved defense responses in maize and sorghum to Setosphaeria turcica
36 Tiffany Jamann May 01, 2021
Transcriptome of two maize lines seedlings show resistance and susceptible to corn smut during infection of Ustilago maydis
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24 Xinsen Ruan Apr 15, 2021
Transcriptome analysis of maize Gibberella stalk rot
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44 wang yinying Apr 13, 2021
Structural Variation at the Maize wuschel1 Locus Alters Stem Cell Organization in Inflorescences
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7 Andrea Gallavotti Mar 17, 2021
Weed presence altered biotic stress and light signaling in maize even when weeds were removed early in the critical weed‐free period
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17 David Horvath Mar 09, 2021
Daily temperature cycles promote alternative splicing of RNAs encoding SR45a, a splicing regulator in maize
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24 Stephen H Howell Feb 27, 2021