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Role of 3' UTR in spreading of siRNAs
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7 Ruby Yu Dec 26, 2013
Rapid and Inexpensive Preparation of Genome-Wide Nucleosome Footprints from Model and Non-Model Organisms
13 Jeffrey N McKnight Dec 10, 2019
Chromosomal Mcm2-7 distribution and the genome replication program in species from yeast to humans
22 Eric Jan Foss May 18, 2021
Condensin positioning at telomeres by shelterin proteins drives sister-telomere disjunction in anaphase
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28 Pascal BERNARD Oct 02, 2023
The establishment of HP1-independent heterochromatin reveals an essential role for HP1 proteins in maintaining epigenetic memory
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24 Melissa Seman May 10, 2023
Uncoupling the distinct functions of HP1 proteins during heterochromatin establishment and maintenance
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87 Melissa Seman Sep 26, 2023
Identification of a novel, tunable interface in the S.pombe HP1 protein, Swi6, that underpins epigenetic inheritance.
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28 Melissa Seman Nov 27, 2023