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Defining a molecular roadmap of cellular reprogramming into iPS cells
61 Ben S. Wittner Dec 20, 2012
Malignant Germ Cell Tumors Display Common microRNA Profiles Resulting in Global Changes in Expression of mRNA Targets
94 Matthew Jonathan Murray Mar 15, 2010
Functional evidence that Drosha over-expression in cervical squamous cell carcinoma affects cell phenotype and microRNA profiles
24 Matthew Jonathan Murray May 26, 2011
Effect of cigarette smoke extract, cisplatin, nicotine and/or ionizing radiation on mRNA and microRNA expression in the NCI-H460 human lung large cell carcinoma cell line
112 Santosh Kumar Patnaik Dec 31, 2014
Involvement of miRNAs in the Differentiation of Human Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Tumor Stem-Like Cells
23 Raquel Malumbres Mar 05, 2013
MicroRNA-mediated suppression of the TGF-β pathway confers transmissible and reversible CDK4/6 inhibitor resistance
75 Liam Cornell Mar 04, 2019
Affect of liver transcriptome by acute acetaminophen exposure
20 Ji-Hoon Cho May 03, 2013
Role of miRNA in inflammatory bowel disease
6 Raju Ranjha Nov 02, 2015
Altered levels of circulating miRNAs are associated with Schistosoma japonicum infection in mice
4 Lihui Zhu Sep 30, 2015
Triptolide alters the miRNA expression profiles in human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cells
15 Changquan Ling May 01, 2014
Differential expression of microRNAs in adipose stem cells
8 Min Li Jun 25, 2013
Differential expression in adipose derived stem cells
16 Min Li Jun 25, 2013
Expression of miRNAs in human colorectal carcinoma cells upon autophagy induction
4 Ni Hou Oct 02, 2014
MicroRNA Profiles and Differential Expression in Normal Skin Samples from the Uyghur and Han Populations in Xinjiang
20 Xiu-Juan Wu Oct 16, 2014
miR-18b overexpression identifies mantle cell lymphoma patients with poor outcome and improves the MIPI-B prognosticator
76 Ulrik Ralfkiaer Apr 01, 2015
Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Primary Open-angle Glaucoma with MicroRNA Microarray Data
6 Xiangmei Kong Aug 04, 2015
Differentially Expressed microRNAs in Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell-derived Microvesicles in Young and Older Rats and Their Effect on Tumor Growth Factor-β1-mediated Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in HK2 cells
6 Yan Wang Aug 20, 2015
MicroRNA expression analysis of livers of F1 male offspring fathered from control mice or stressed mice
6 Yan Lu Sep 29, 2015
Comparison of microRNA expression profiles in soft palate muscle of patients with OSAHS and chronic tonsillitis.
8 Jin Hou Sep 25, 2019
Differentially expressed miRNA in biological premature ovarian insufficiency (bPOI)
20 Yujie Dang Apr 11, 2018