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Neurospora crassa genome organization requires subtelomeric facultative heterochromatin
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16 Andrew David Klocko Oct 27, 2016
Nucleosome Positioning by an Evolutionarily Conserved Chromatin Remodeler Prevents Aberrant DNA Methylation in Neurospora.
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19 Andrew David Klocko Jan 16, 2019
H3K9me3 ChIP-seq from Neurospora crassa wild type (WT) and dim-3 (severely reduced H3K9me3 levels) strains
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2 Andrew David Klocko Mar 22, 2015
Neurospora importin alpha compromises H3K9me3 and cytosine methylation levels through inappropriate localization of the heterochromatin machinery
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5 Andrew David Klocko Mar 22, 2015
HiC of Wild Type Neurospora crassa and mutants deficient in heterochromatin formation
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5 Andrew David Klocko May 19, 2016
Saturating the Neurospora crassa genome for defective in methylation (dim) mutants
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3 Andrew David Klocko Sep 21, 2020