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Fol expression data
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12 Robert Fluhr Mar 22, 2004
Expression of lignin-degrading enzymes in soils using targeted microarrays
68 Katrina M Waters Jun 01, 2009
Oligonucleoteide microarray for the identification of potential mycotoxigenic fungi
120 Eugenia Barros Mar 01, 2010
Genome wide expression responses of Fusarium oxysporum wt and ΔhapX mutant to iron depleted and iron replete conditions.
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12 David Turrá Jul 14, 2012
Transcriptomic analysis of F. oxysporum Δcon7-1 mutant during in vitro growth
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6 Carmen Ruiz Roldan Jul 10, 2014
New insights into antifungal resistance mechanisms in Fusarium species revealed by high throughput sequencing
6 Silvia Restrepo Jun 01, 2016
Transcriptomic profilling of Arabidopsis thaliana roots infected by Fusarium oxysporum
29 Li Guo Feb 25, 2021
Expression profiles of nine Fusarium fujikuroi strains revealed common and different sets of up-regulated genes
30 Ulrich Guldener Sep 28, 2017
Transcriptome analysis reveal the mechanism of Fungicidal of Thymol against Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. niveum
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6 Xiangyang Yu Oct 21, 2017
RNA-seq data of nox1 gene when T. guizhouense vs F. oxysporum
27 Youzhi Miao Dec 31, 2018
Comparsion of histone modifications of core and accessory chromosomes of Fusarium oxysporum
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4 Like Fokkens Oct 16, 2018
A pair of effectors in a conditionally dispensable chromosome of Fusarium oxysporum suppresses host-specific immunity
25 Shuta Asai Jun 16, 2021
mRNA-profiles of Arabidopsis thaliana (Col-0) roots infected with Fusarium oxysporum 5176 over a time course of six days
52 Susanne Dora May 17, 2021
A primary cell wall cellulose-dependent defense mechanism against vascular pathogens revealed by time-resolved dual-transcriptomics
58 Susanne Dora May 17, 2021