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The serotonin neurotransmitter modulates virulence of enteric pathogens
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2 Aman Kumar May 08, 2020
Selective recruitment of the AAA+ ATPase TnsC increases the fidelity of Type I-F CRISPR RNA-guided transposition
  • Link icon Escherichia coli
31 Samuel Sternberg Oct 31, 2021
Discovery of diverse DNA cytosine deaminases enables a single-enzyme method for base resolution methylation detection
478 Zhiyi Sun Oct 05, 2023
RNA degradation analysis reveals ribosome dynamics in complex microbiome samples
199 Vicent Pelechano Mar 24, 2023
Indole-3-Acetaldehyde Inhibits Escherichia coli O157:H7 Biofilm Formation by Reducing Curli Formation
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2 Jintae Lee Jul 05, 2012
Expression data of the acrR mutant E.coli compared to wild-type
  • Link icon Escherichia coli
4 Ok Bin Kim Jul 27, 2016
Transcriptome of Escherichia coli cells in coculture (Ile auxotroph and Leu auxotroph)
20 Kazufumi Hosoda Jul 15, 2017
Collateral sensitivity of antibiotic resistant bacteria to antimicrobial peptides
  • Link icon Escherichia coli
84 Balazs Balint Mar 29, 2018
Next Generation Sequencing of bacterial surface-displayed ENAH EVH1 ligand peptides after a FACS titration sort (MassTitr)
  • Link icon Escherichia coli
97 Theresa Hwang Feb 18, 2021
Deep sequencing data from PAM screen of Pa83 type IV-A CRISPR-Cas system
  • Link icon Escherichia coli
6 Olive Redman Aug 19, 2022
A reverse-central-dogma pathway underlies ribosome-antibiotic efficacy and accelerates resistance evolution
  • Link icon Escherichia coli
57 Tianmin Wang Dec 24, 2023
Deep sequencing reveals mRNA recruitment in translation initiation
  • Link icon Escherichia coli
28 Xiao-Dong Su Jul 27, 2016
Topo-Seq application for topoisomerases binding sites identification with a single-nucleotide resolution
  • Link icon Escherichia coli
31 Dmitry Sutormin Jul 17, 2018
Deep sequencing data from PFS screen of SuCas12a2 CRISPR-Cas nuclease
  • Link icon Escherichia coli
4 Chase L Beisel Jan 11, 2023
Time series (T= 0-4 hours) for E. coli K-12 MC4100 after a shift from 23˚C to 37˚C (M9 minimal glycerol medium, exponential phase growth)
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9 Christine Ann White-Ziegler Sep 19, 2021
Mfd alters global transcription patterns in undamaged Escherichia coli cells
  • Link icon Escherichia coli
10 Rachel Krasich May 01, 2017
Microbiome characterization using transfer RNA sequencing
28 Tao Pan Nov 09, 2018
Gene expression profiles in E. coli under different frequency signals
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12 Zhi Liang Jul 19, 2018
Functional identification of butanol-tolerant genes mediated by the transcriptional factor Rob in Escherichia coli
  • Link icon Escherichia coli
2 Tingli Xue Sep 17, 2019
Response of E. coli to m-Tyrosine
  • Link icon Escherichia coli
12 Beth Lazazzera Nov 30, 2020