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Tissue-specific nuclei purification from animal models for genome-wide expression and chromatin profiling.
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18 Jorja Henikoff Dec 05, 2011
Holocentromeres are dispersed point centromeres localized at transcription factor hotspots
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19 Jorja Henikoff Apr 08, 2014
A condensin-like dosage compensation complex acts at a distance to control expression throughout the genome
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42 Barbara J. Meyer Mar 01, 2009
Spatial Transcriptomics of C. elegans Males and Hermaphrodites Identifies Sex-Specific Differences in Gene Expression Patterns
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10 Abel Vertesy Nov 03, 2018
Improved annotation of C. elegans microRNAs by deep sequencing reveals structures associated with processing by Drosha and Dicer
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1 Michael Bryan Warf Feb 01, 2011
The mid-developmental transition and the evolution of animal body plans
1143 Itai Yanai Feb 18, 2016