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Spermine-induced DNA methylation change in human macrophages
4 Hongde Li May 13, 2024
Relative quantification of the recA gene for antibiotic susceptibility testing in response to ciprofloxacin for pathogens of concern
48 Christopher Patrick Stefan Feb 07, 2024
Detection of gene expression level of Yersinia pestis vaccine strain EV76 at 21 and 37 degrees Celsius
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6 Lihua Yang Apr 30, 2022
Transcriptome differences analysis between Yersinia pestis 201 wild strain and fyuA mutant strain
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18 chen yulu Mar 22, 2022
RNA-seq analysis of pathogen and host in the early stages of Plague pulmonary infection using a novel dual RNA extraction method
17 Inbar Cohen Gihon Aug 11, 2021
New genotype of Yersinia pestis found in live rodents in Yunnan Province, China
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4 Jingliang Qin Apr 20, 2021
The Cyclic AMP Receptor Protein Regulates Quorum Sensig and Global Gene Expression in Yersinia pestis During Planktonic Growth and Growth in Biofilms
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6 Jeremy T Ritzert Oct 22, 2019
Differential gene expression patterns of Yersinia pestis and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis during infection and biofilm formation in the flea digestive tract
54 Dan Sturdevant Jan 28, 2019
DksA controls the response of the Lyme disease spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi to starvation
12 Dan Sturdevant Dec 18, 2018
Protein Acetylation Mediated by YfiQ and CobB Is Involved in the Virulence and Stress II
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6 Zongmin Du Mar 25, 2020
The Yersinia pestis NlpD Lipoprotein is important for iron assimilation and is functionally linked to the twin-arginine translocation system
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4 Avital Tidhar Jul 18, 2017
An integrated computational-experimental approach reveals Yersinia pestis genes essential across a narrow or a broad range of environmental conditions
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7 ZhengRong Yang Jul 06, 2017
Y. pestis exposed to various concentrations of ciprofloxacin for various time points (treated/nontreated analysis in each array).
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8 Ida Steinberger-Levy Mar 30, 2016
Detection of a Yersinia pestis homologue in rodent samples
65 Tim Giles Feb 11, 2016
Hfq Globally Binds and Destabilizes sRNAs and mRNAs in Yersinia pestis
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8 Dong Chen Jun 19, 2019
Role of the PhoP-PhoQ Gene Regulatory System in Adaptation of Yersinia pestis to Environmental Stress in the Flea Digestive Tract
40 Dan Sturdevant Feb 09, 2017
Genome-wide analysis of the regulatory function mediated by the small regulatory psm-mec RNA of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
12 Dan Sturdevant Aug 29, 2017
Y. pestis KIM6+ TraSH Microarray Analysis After Intracellular Replication
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4 Hana S. Fukuto Nov 30, 2011
Gene expression analysis of Yersinia Pestis temperature shift.
24 John Braisted Jul 14, 2011
Global gene expression analysis of *Yersinia pestis* AHL quorum sensing
48 Chris Minion Jan 01, 2016