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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterEscherichia coli DH5[alpha]
E.coli DH5alpha cells: reuterin-treated vs. untreated control cells
5 Laura Schaefer Jan 07, 2010
Development and evaluation of a 60-mer oligonucleotide microarray for profiling of biodegradation and bacterial 16S rRNA genes in diverse contaminated ecosystems
17 Natesan Manickam Apr 15, 2011
Quantifying variation within the bacterial species E. coli
14 Jonathan Monk Sep 22, 2016
Genome-wide Functional Characterization of ​Escherichia coli Promoters and Sequence Elements Encoding Their Regulation
60 Guillaume Urtecho Jun 01, 2020
Genomic environments scale the activities of diverse core promoters
38 Barak A Cohen May 01, 2021
Functional characterization of enhancer activity during a long terminal repeat's evolution
11 Alan Y Du Aug 12, 2022
A deep mutational scanning platform to characterize the fitness landscape of anti-CRISPR proteins
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28 Dominik Niopek Mar 01, 2024