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A Hierarchy of H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 Acquisition in Spatial Gene Regulation in Xenopus Embryos
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4 Gert Jan Veenstra Sep 15, 2009
ChIP-chip Designs to Interrogate the Xenopus Embryo Genome for Transcription Factor Binding and Epigenetic Regulation
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10 Gert Jan Veenstra Dec 17, 2009
Nucleotide composition-linked divergence of vertebrate core promoter architecture
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3 Gert Jan Veenstra Dec 30, 2010
Temporal uncoupling of the DNA methylome and transcriptional repression during embryogenesis
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4 Ozren Bogdanovic Jun 23, 2011
HEB and E2A function as SMAD/FOXH1 cofactors
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2 Se-Jin Yoon Aug 23, 2011
Genome-wide small RNA profiling and mRNA profiling of Xenopus embryos
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8 Caroline Hill Sep 23, 2013
Principles of nucleation of H3K27 methylation during embryonic development
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16 Gert Jan Veenstra Nov 28, 2013
Epigenetic conservation at gene regulatory elements revealed by non-methylated DNA profiling in seven vertebrates
24 David Sims Jan 22, 2013
Embryonic transcription is controlled by maternally defined chromatin state
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72 Saartje Hontelez Dec 15, 2015
Active DNA demethylation at enhancers during the vertebrate phylotypic period
30 Ozren Bogdanovic Jan 29, 2016
Foxh1 marks the embryonic genome prior to the activation of the mesendoderm gene regulatory program
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11 Rebekah M Charney Mar 30, 2017
Regulatory remodeling in the allo-tetraploid frog Xenopus laevis
22 Simon van Heeringen Sep 28, 2017
Maternal pluripotency factors initiate extensive chromatin remodelling to predefine first response to inductive signals
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202 George E. Gentsch Apr 16, 2019
Endodermal maternal transcription factors establish super enhancers during zygotic genome activation
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39 Kitt D. Paraiso Jun 04, 2019
DNA methylation dynamics underlie metamorphic gene regulation programs in Xenopus tadpole brain
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15 Robert J Denver Oct 23, 2019
Combinatorial transcription factor activities on open chromatin induce embryonic heterogeneity in vertebrates
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132 Ann Rose Bright Dec 18, 2020
Chromatin accessibility dynamics and single cell RNA-Seq reveal new regulators of regeneration in neural progenitors
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31 Anneke Dixie Kakebeen Mar 12, 2020
Sox17 and β-catenin co-occupy Wnt-responsive enhancers to govern the endodermal gene regulatory network
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54 Kitt D. Paraiso Sep 16, 2020
Chromatin Accessibility Analysis Reveals Distinct Functions for HDAC and EZH2 Activities in Early Regeneration
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35 Anneke Dixie Kakebeen May 01, 2022
Conserved chromatin and repetitive patterns reveal slow genome evolution in frogs
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11 Jessen V Bredeson Mar 30, 2022