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Expression of known and predicted genes in tissues of Xenopus tropicalis (frog)
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20 Esther T Chan Apr 16, 2009
ChIP-chip Designs to Interrogate the Xenopus Embryo Genome for Transcription Factor Binding and Epigenetic Regulation
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10 Gert Jan Veenstra Dec 17, 2009
Comparative study of host response to chytridiomycosis in susceptible and resistant toad species
71 Thomas Poorten Apr 18, 2017
Next Generation Sequencing Facilitates Quantitative Analysis of Wild Type Xenopus tropicalis Tail and Notochord During Metamorphosis
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9 Ryan Dale Jun 14, 2022
Sox17 and β-catenin co-occupy Wnt-responsive enhancers to govern the endodermal gene regulatory network
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54 Kitt D. Paraiso Sep 16, 2020
Sequencing of cDNAs derived from RNA transcripts from nine adult Xenopus tropicalis tissues
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9 Aaron Zorn Apr 09, 2021
Principles of nucleation of H3K27 methylation during embryonic development
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16 Gert Jan Veenstra Nov 28, 2013
A Hierarchy of H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 Acquisition in Spatial Gene Regulation in Xenopus Embryos
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4 Gert Jan Veenstra Sep 15, 2009
Genome-Wide Transcriptional Response of Silurana (Xenopus) tropicalis to Infection with the Deadly Chytrid Fungus
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26 Matt L Settles Aug 31, 2009
Nucleotide composition-linked divergence of vertebrate core promoter architecture
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3 Gert Jan Veenstra Dec 30, 2010
Mapping gene expression in two Xenopus: evolutionary constraints and developmental flexibility
96 Itai Yanai Jun 01, 2011
HEB and E2A function as SMAD/FOXH1 cofactors
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2 Se-Jin Yoon Aug 23, 2011
Discovery of novel microRNAs in rat kidney using microarray analyses
6 Fanxue Meng Nov 02, 2011
RNA sequencing reveals diverse and dynamic repertoire of the Xenopus tropicalis transcriptome over development.
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40 Kin Fai Au May 04, 2012
Gene regulatory networks involved in early embryonic Silurana tropicalis development
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16 Christopher Joseph Martyniuk Jul 31, 2012
Effects of Disperse Yellow 7 in Silurana tropicalis Gene Network Analysis
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8 Christopher Joseph Martyniuk Nov 30, 2012
The evolutionary landscape of alternative splicing in vertebrate species
21 Nuno L Barbosa-Morais Dec 22, 2012
The evolution of lncRNA repertoires and expression patterns in tetrapods
55 Anamaria Necsulea Jan 19, 2014
The transcriptomic response to finasteride in the Silurana tropicalis testis
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8 Christopher Joseph Martyniuk Apr 01, 2014
In vivo T-box Transcription Factor Profiling Reveals Joint Regulation of Embryonic Neuro-mesodermal Bipotency
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7 George E. Gentsch Sep 19, 2013