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Single cell sequencing of posterior axis development in gallus gallus
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1 Charlene Guillot (Ryan) Jul 15, 2021
Axiom Genome-Wide Chicken Array of Broiler Chickens
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96 Behnam Abasht May 25, 2019
Gene expression analysis of chicken p. major muscle using the NanoString nCounter technology
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89 Behnam Abasht Jan 11, 2021
An innate fear response in domestic chicks: screening for short copy number variations associated with tonic immobility
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4 Hideaki Abe Mar 31, 2013
244K array Comparative Genomic Hybridization for the characterization of CNVs among inbred Fayoumi, inbred Leghorn, Line A broiler, and Line B broiler chicken
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24 Jason Abernathy Feb 11, 2016
Assignment of unknown contigs to chicken microchromosome 16 (GGA16)
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24 Jason Abernathy Nov 22, 2013
Transcriptome sequencing reveals key potential long non-coding RNAs related to duration of fertility trait in the uterovaginal junction of egg-laying hens
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14 Adeyinka Abiola Adetula Feb 14, 2018
Expression data from Chicken duodenum
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16 Samuel E Aggrey Aug 02, 2012
Genome-wide transcriptome analysis of chickens during dietary methionine restriction reveals compromised immune competency
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20 Samuel E Aggrey Apr 21, 2017
Transcriptional profiles in the chicken ductus arteriosus during hatching
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6 Toru Akaike Sep 19, 2018
Divergent Gene Expression through PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway Cause Different Models of Hypertrophy Growth in Chicken
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4 Seyed Nader Albooshoke Jul 05, 2019
Expression profile of Chicken Early Embryonic Endodermal Tissues
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3 Cantas Alev Jun 08, 2013
Mesenchymal-Epithelial Transition Regulates Initiation of Pluripotency Exit before Gastrulation
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8 Cantas Alev Dec 31, 2018
Exon Level Machine Learning Analyses Elucidate Novel Candidate miRNA Targets in an Avian Model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
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4 Abrar E Al-Shaer Aug 01, 2018
Gallus gallus utricle striola vs. extra-striola
8 David Michael Alvarado Dec 25, 2009
GATA3 overexpression in utricle sensory epithelia
8 David Michael Alvarado Dec 25, 2009
GATA3 siRNA in utricle sensory epithelia
8 David Michael Alvarado Dec 25, 2009
Identification of potential downstream targets of GATA3 in the avian utricle
24 David Michael Alvarado Dec 25, 2009
Dissociated avian utricle sensory epithelia treated with one of various siRNAs or small molecule inhibitors
141 David Michael Alvarado Jul 02, 2010
Probe-Seq enables transcriptional profiling of specific cell types from heterogeneous tissue by RNA-based isolation
30 Ryoji Amamoto Dec 09, 2019