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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterPlatform: GPL16809 Remove filterMacaca mulatta
RNA-seq and ChIP-seq for human-specific regulation of neural maturation identified by cross-primate transcriptomics
79 Fred H Gage Sep 20, 2020
Primate innate immune responses to bacterial and viral pathogens reveals an evolutionary trade-off between strength and specificity
151 Luis B Barreiro Aug 09, 2020
Natural Selection has Shaped Coding and Non-coding Transcription in Primate CD4+ T-cells
24 Charles G Danko Dec 29, 2016
Epigenomic annotation of gene regulatory alterations during evolution of the primate brain
98 Menno P Creyghton Jan 13, 2016
Analysis of human, chimpanzee, macaque and mouse tissue transcriptomes using Next Generation Sequencing
27 Jorge Ruiz-Orera Sep 01, 2015
Epigenetic modifications are associated with inter-species gene expression variation in primates
98 Xiang Zhou Nov 09, 2014
Large-scale multi-species survey of metabolome and lipidome
120 Jieyi Xiong May 30, 2014
Primate transcript and protein expression levels evolve under compensatory selection pressures
16 Darren A. Cusanovich Oct 17, 2013