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Epigenetic maintenance of topological domains in the rearranged gibbon genome
6 Lucia Carbone May 30, 2018
Transcriptome study in rhesus monkey
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5 Jia-Yu Chen Oct 10, 2012
Stress-associated H3K4 methylation accumulates during postnatal development and aging of Rhesus macaque brain
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5 Dali Han Apr 01, 2013
Copper regulation of HIF-1 transcriptional activities
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4 Wenjing Zhang Jan 24, 2022
Ab initio identification of transcription start sites (TSSs) in the Rhesus macaque genome by histone modification and RNA-Seq
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3 Dali Han Oct 19, 2010
Compararitve Triprimate Peripheral Blood DNA Methylome
3 Gareth Wilson Feb 01, 2014
Social status alters immune regulation and response to infection [PBMC_ATACseq]
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3 Noah Snyder-Mackler Dec 31, 2017
Comparative Methylome Analyses Reveal Human Brain Specific Methylated Regions Implicated in Transcription Regulation
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2 Soojin V Yi Aug 12, 2016
Comparative 3D genomic architectures elucidate the function of the adaptive human-specific inversions in human brain evolution
2 Ying Liu May 22, 2024