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3D Genome of macaque fetal brain reveals evolutionary innovations during primate corticogenesis
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18 Yuting Liu Dec 15, 2020
A Pig BodyMap Transcriptome Reveals Diverse Tissue Physiologies and Evolutionary Dynamics of Transcription [RNA-Seq across species]
142 jin long Apr 20, 2021
A genomic study of the contribution of DNA methylation to regulatory evolution in primates
159 Lauren Elizabeth Blake Sep 25, 2018
A molecular census of midbrain dopaminergic neurons in Parkinsons disease
101 Evan Macosko Jun 16, 2021
A novel analytical brain block tool to enable functional annotation of discriminatory transcript biomarkers among discrete regions of the fronto-limbic circuit in primate brain
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8 Clifton Lee Dalgard Jul 31, 2015
A robust single primate neuroepithelial cell clonal expansion system for neural tube development and disease studies
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5 Tianqing Li Nov 21, 2015
ATAC-seq on primate adipose tissue
13 Devjanee Swain Lenz Jan 21, 2019
ATAC-seq profiling in CD14+ cells isolated from rhesus macaques vaccinated with V1-deleted DNA/ALVAC/gp120 vaccine [study 2]
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24 Massimiliano Bissa Jan 06, 2023
Ab initio identification of transcription start sites (TSSs) in the Rhesus macaque genome by histone modification and RNA-Seq
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3 Dali Han Oct 19, 2010
Aberrant Clonal Hematopoiesis following Lentiviral Vector Transduction of HSPCs in a Rhesus Macaque
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38 Cynthia E Dunbar Jun 25, 2020
Accelerated evolution of oligodendrocytes in human brain
95 Genevieve Konopka Dec 31, 2019
Adult hippocampal neurogenesis in aged macaques and humans
7 Qiang Ma Jun 29, 2022
Age-related differences in immune dynamics during SARS-CoV-2 infection in rhesus macaques
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47 Craig Martens Jan 15, 2022
Aging African Green Monkeys manifest transcriptional, pathological, and cognitive hallmarks of human Alzheimer’s disease
88 Keith Tanis Feb 01, 2018
Alarmin S100A8/A9 mediates activation of aberrant neutrophils in the pathogenesis of COVID-19
44 Xuefei Guo Jan 19, 2021
An alternative pluripotent state confers interspecies chimaeric competency [RNA-Seq]
14 Christopher Benner May 06, 2015
An endogenous retrovirus-derived long non-coding RNA promotes fetal cardiomyocyte migration in primates
60 Lei Tian Aug 11, 2020
Analysis of developmental imprinting dynamics in primates using SNP-free methods to identify imprinting defects in cloned placenta
29 Wenhao Zhang Sep 07, 2021
Analysis of human, chimpanzee, macaque and mouse tissue transcriptomes using Next Generation Sequencing
27 Jorge Ruiz-Orera Sep 01, 2015
Annotation and functional clustering of circRNA expression in rhesus macaque brain during aging
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32 dong chen Nov 26, 2018