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Comparative single cell epigenomic analysis of gene regulatory programs in the rodent and primate motor cortex [Macaque]
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6099 Joseph R Ecker Oct 31, 2023
Single cell transcriptomics of primate sensory neurons identifies cell types associated with chronic pain [Wafergen]
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4742 Sten Linnarsson Jan 27, 2021
Establishing Cerebral Organoids as Models of Human-Specific Brain Evolution
3096 Christopher Villarreal Feb 07, 2019
Single cell transcriptomics of primate sensory neurons identifies cell types associated with chronic pain [SmartSeq2]
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2688 Sten Linnarsson Jan 27, 2021
Genetic and transcriptomic identification of sensory neuron types underlying chronic pain in primates
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1845 Sten Linnarsson Mar 11, 2021
Transcriptomic signatures of the aging brain at bulk-tissue resolution
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527 Kenneth Chiou Sep 26, 2022
Transcriptomic and open chromatin atlas of high-resolution anatomical regions in the rhesus macaque brain
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449 keying Lu Dec 30, 2019
Social status alters immune regulation and response to infection [cell_specific_RNAseq]
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440 Noah Snyder-Mackler Nov 08, 2016
Transcriptome map of the human brain at the single-cell resolution
422 Pavel Mazin Jan 30, 2020
Host response to RhCMV/SIV immunization through subcutaneous and oral route
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403 Michael Gale, Jr Jun 28, 2021
SARS-CoV-2 receptor ACE2 is an interferon-stimulated gene in human airway epithelial cells and is detected in specific cell subsets across tissues
349 Alex Shalek Apr 23, 2020
Type I IFN responses in rhesus macaques prevent SIV transmission and slow disease progression
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203 Gregory K Tharp Jul 23, 2014
RNASeq of mouse, human, and non-human primate primary dermal fibroblasts to poly(I:C) transfection
197 Alexander Ploss Oct 20, 2019
Type I IFN signaling blockade during ART-treated and untreated chronic SIV infection suppresses inflammation but does not increase virus replication
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172 Gregory K Tharp Aug 10, 2018
Multi-omic brain and behavioral correlates of cell-free fetal DNA methylation in macaque maternal obesity models
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169 Benjamin I Laufer Aug 23, 2022
Prevention of tuberculosis in rhesus macaques by a cytomegalovirus-based vaccine
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168 Daniel Zak Dec 26, 2017
Lockdown, caregiving, and antiviral gene regulation in macaques
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168 Steve Cole Jul 28, 2021
Single cell RNA-sequencing reveals the existence of naïve and primed pluripotency in pre-implantation rhesus monkey embryos [161 cells]
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161 Denghui Liu Aug 26, 2018
A genomic study of the contribution of DNA methylation to regulatory evolution in primates
159 Lauren Elizabeth Blake Sep 25, 2018
Primate innate immune responses to bacterial and viral pathogens reveals an evolutionary trade-off between strength and specificity
151 Luis B Barreiro Aug 09, 2020