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Long Oligonucleotide Microarrays for African Green Monkey Gene Expression Profile Analysis
14 Beatrice JACQUELIN Oct 01, 2007
Gene expression data from primate postnatal brain in prefrontal cortex: time course
51 Song Guo Jun 10, 2010
Gene and miRNA expression data from primate postnatal brain in prefrontal cortex: time course
79 Song Guo Jun 10, 2010
MicroRNA expression and regulation in human, chimpanzee, and macaque brain
46 Song Guo Oct 18, 2011
An extreme human-specific delay in cortical synaptic development
21 Xiling Liu Feb 02, 2012
Transcriptional architecture of the primate neocortex
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252 Susan Sunkin Mar 21, 2012
Human-specific patterns of gene expression in the brain (Arrays)
48 Genevieve Konopka Sep 04, 2012
Multiple changes at the mucosal surface are induced by protective SIV vaccination
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17 Anthony James Smith May 31, 2012
Human-specific patterns of gene expression in the brain
92 Genevieve Konopka Sep 04, 2012
Gene expression in the blood of SIV infected Rhesus macaques following in vivo PD-1 blockade
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10 Profile icon RAVI DYAVAR SHETTY Apr 27, 2012
Derivation of monkey parthenogenetic haploid embryonic stem cells
14 Linyu Shi Jun 26, 2013
Gene expression in the blood of Live Attenuated Rev-Independent Nef¯SIV infected Rhesus macaques during acute infection
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6 Siddappa Byrareddy Aug 09, 2013
Transcriptome Profiling in KY1005-treated NHP HCT-recipients
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108 Geoff R Hill Jun 21, 2018
SIVagm coevolutions lead to altered epigenetic control of CD4 expression
60 Verena Link Oct 07, 2020
DNA methylation and gene expression changes in mice induced by parabiosis and recovery
233 Jesse Poganik Apr 21, 2023
SARS-CoV-2 receptor ACE2 is an interferon-stimulated gene in human airway epithelial cells and is detected in specific cell subsets across tissues
349 Alex Shalek Apr 23, 2020
Profiling non-human primate germline RNA to understand the legacy of early life stress
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7 Dias Brian Mar 17, 2021
Transcriptome analysis reveals the contribution of glia -derived cues for maintenance of microglia identity in rhesus macaques
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52 Raissa Timmerman Apr 06, 2021
Differential expression of Organ Transplant rejection related genes in Cp40 treated nonhuman primates
6 Jean Kwun Jun 25, 2021
Identification and tracking of alloreactive T cell clones in Rhesus Macaques (RM) through the RM-scTCR-Seq platform
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44 Jim Kaminski Dec 21, 2021