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ATAC-seq on primate adipose tissue
13 Devjanee Swain Lenz Jan 21, 2019
Aging African Green Monkeys manifest transcriptional, pathological, and cognitive hallmarks of human Alzheimer’s disease
88 Keith Tanis Feb 01, 2018
Alarmin S100A8/A9 mediates activation of aberrant neutrophils in the pathogenesis of COVID-19
44 Xuefei Guo Jan 19, 2021
Alterations in Retrotransposition, Synaptic Connectivity, and Myelination Implicated by Transcriptomic Changes Following Maternal Immune Activation in Nonhuman Primates
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Katherine Eyring Mar 04, 2022
Brain Xanthophyll Content and Exploratory Gene Expression Analysis: Subspecies Differences in Rhesus Macaque
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18 Emily S Mohn Mar 09, 2017
Caloric Restriction engages hepatic RNA processing mechanisms in rhesus monkeys
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20 Rozalyn Anderson Mar 14, 2018
Cardiac miRNA profiling in mouse heart failure that is rescued by estrogen treatment .
14 Mansoureh Eghbali Jun 14, 2023
Chronic Prenatal Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol Exposure Adversely Impacts Placental Function and Development in a Rhesus Macaque Model
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Lyndsey Elizabeth Shorey-Kendrick Oct 24, 2022
Chronic alcohol drinking modulates synchrony between midbrain gene transcription and long-lasting changes in dopamine terminal and opioid function in macaques
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28 Cody Siciliano Apr 16, 2024
Comparison of Proteomic Expression Profiles after Radiation Exposure across Four Different Species
26 Uma T Shankavaram Jan 03, 2024
Different microRNA Alterations Contribute to Diverse Outcomes Following EV71 and CA16 Infections: Insights from High-Throughput Sequencing in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of Rhesus Monkey
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6 Jie Song Aug 19, 2016
Dysregulation of principal circulating miRNAs in Nonhuman Primates following ischemic stroke
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6 Haiping Zhao Aug 27, 2021
Effect of AMP-CpG on lymph node immune response in rhesus macaque
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6 Martin P Steinbuck Nov 02, 2022
Elucidation of molecular and functional networks linked to sarcopenia prevention by caloric restriction in rhesus monkeys
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13 Rozalyn Anderson Dec 11, 2019
Establishing Cerebral Organoids as Models of Human-Specific Brain Evolution
3096 Christopher Villarreal Feb 07, 2019
Evolution of regulatory signatures in primate cortical neurons at cell-type resolution [ChIP-Seq]
32 Stella Dracheva Oct 03, 2020
Evolution of regulatory signatures in primate cortical neurons at cell-type resolution [RNA-Seq]
14 Stella Dracheva Oct 03, 2020
Exosomal miR - 21 causes neurotoxicity via TLR7 signaling in SIV neurological disease.
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11 Sowmya V Yelamanchili Jan 29, 2018
FSH and Testosterone treated Infant Monkey Sertoli cells vs. FSH and Testosterone treated pubertal Monkey Sertoli cell
2 Sayon Basu Feb 20, 2017
Gene expression in the liver and lungs of healthy, SIV-infected and ART-treated rhesus macaques
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Jérôme Estaquier Aug 30, 2023