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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterHomo sapiens Remove filterFeb 12, 2019
Circulating exosomal miRNA profile during term and preterm birth pregnancies – a longitudinal study
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106 Dominic Guanzon Feb 12, 2019
miRNA profile in human cardiac progenitor cells and iPS cells
  • Link icon Homo sapiens
12 Wanling Xuan Feb 12, 2019
Quantifying continuous cell-cycle phase using single-cell gene expression data
  • Link icon Homo sapiens
1536 John D Blischak Feb 12, 2019
The contribution of adenosine receptor 3-mediated signaling to TLR4-induced responses by human dendritic cells
  • Link icon Homo sapiens
16 Jeffrey Bajramovic Feb 12, 2019
Whole-genome gene expression profiling of UGT2B15 Knockdown/Negative Control MHCC-97H Cell Line
  • Link icon Homo sapiens
3 Shuqiang Liu Feb 12, 2019
Transcriptomic profiling following de novo hepatitis B vaccination reveals role of granulocytes in non-responders
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216 Nicolas De Neuter Feb 12, 2019
Distinct Pathological Signatures in Human Cellular Models of Myotonic Dystrophy Subtypes
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6 Anthony Martin Gacita Feb 12, 2019
Ascites-derived circulating microRNAs as potential diagnostic biomarkers of gastric cancer-associated malignant ascites
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22 Hye Sook Han Feb 12, 2019
Circulating miRNA expression profiling in primary aldosteronism
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30 Abel Decmann Feb 12, 2019