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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterHomo sapiens Remove filterJul 20, 2010
Comparison of Fusobacterium Nucleatum stimulated and unstimulated neutrophils
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4 Helen Joan Wright Jul 20, 2010
Affymetrix microarray for gene expression patterns influenced by syndecan-1 overexpression in malignant mesothelioma STAV-AB cells
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6 Fang Zong Jul 20, 2010
Efficacy of bortezomib in a direct xenograft model of primary effusion lymphoma
2 Kristopher A Sarosiek Jul 20, 2010
Effects of global system for mobile communications 1800 MHz radiofrequency electromagnetic fields on gene expression in MCF-7 cells
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8 Guangdi Chen Jul 20, 2010
MicroRNA expression data from human prostate cancer
40 Sven Wach Jul 20, 2010
MicroRNAs and mRNAs differentially expressed in 5 glioblastoma spheroid cultures upon ATRA treatment
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20 Aurelie Ernst Jul 20, 2010
DNA methylation profiles of human active and inactive X chromosomes
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23 Andrew J Sharp Jul 20, 2010
Chronic Hypoxia predicts Poor Prognosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
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4 Rekin's Janky Jul 20, 2010
Application of blood transcriptomics to identify three novel biomarkers for monitoring anti-TGFbeta therapy
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22 Joachim Schultze Jul 20, 2010