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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterHomo sapiens Remove filterJul 21, 2014
Heterogeneity in the inter-tumor transcriptome of high risk prostate cancer
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28 Shawn Anderson Jul 21, 2014
Resveratrol prevents diet-induced arterial degeneration and stiffening in nonhuman primates
24 Supriyo De Jul 21, 2014
Whole Genome Expression Profiling shows that BRG1 Transcriptionally Regulates UV Inducible Genes and other Novel Targets in Human Cells
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12 Feng Gong Jul 21, 2014
Effect of TLR Ligation on the Differentiation and Function of Human mMDSC
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42 Dennis Klinman Jul 21, 2014
A PBMC Transcriptional Module Related to Vascular Function
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46 Leni Moldovan Jul 21, 2014